Study Plan for 12th Boards

Study Plan for 12th Boards

The 12th Board exam is a very important exam for every student. In the Academic career, Starts from the beginning there are two major targets for the students. It is the 10th board (SSC) and after that 12th board (HSC) examination. Both the exam performance will play an important role in further academic career for the students.

It is a turning point of life for every 12th aspirant candidate. The study plan for 12th Boards will play a very important role in the academic session. The central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has conduct 12th board examinations in the month of March every year. Candidates ask normally for 12th preparation tips or how to prepare for 12th board” etc.,

Now here we are giving you some study plan for the 12th board examination for your reference. Follow it for your better performance and improve your academic skill.
Study Plan for 12th Boards
Study Plan for 12th Boards

The Study plan for 12th Board has been described into the two parts: (1) Subject wise plan and Tips, (2) Important Tips and Tricks

Subject Wise Plan and Tips  - Part 1



1. As we know, the NCERT textbook for Physics subject. NCERT textbook is the most important book for physics in the 12th board examination. All the concepts are very clearly given in the NCERT textbook to better understand. Go through all the from the NCERT book. It is mandatory to succeed in physics subject for the board exam. 

2. Physics subject also required practice. You have to work on diagrams, graphs, examples given behind the textbook, etc. 

3. Maximum Practice on graphs relating to all the physical quantities in the formula. 

4. Focus on reasoning based questions. Make definitions, derivation, and their inference in your short notes. Use different color codes for easy identification. 

5. If you are facing to understand concepts of the NCERT textbook, you can refer to additional books like Halliday Resnick Walker. But Generally NCERT textbook is better to understand. 

6. Make short notes of derivations, formulas, and experiments. Keep your short notes always handy, When you are studying. 

7. If your numerical portion is weak, try to start it early as soon as possible. Practice all every numerical from the NCERT textbook. 

8. Solve Sample paper from CBSE website. You can check sample paper and past year board question papers available by CBSE board. 

9. Analyze past year papers and it will help you to find out important topics and frequency of asking questions.

10. Be positive from the beginning to the end.

Physics Syllabus 2020-21

Name of Unit




Current Electricity

Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism


Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents

Electromagnetic Waves



Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter


Atoms and Nuclei

Electronic Devices




Students who are facing trouble in Chemistry, they are strongly advised to start to read NCERT textbook as soon as possible. Generally, Chemistry is the easiest subject for all the students and this subject is also a scoring subject. If you have a basic knowledge of chemistry, then you can easily gain your skill to achieve good marks in chemistry.

1. You should follow NCERT concepts. You can follow a reference book to understand the concepts or deeper knowledge of topics. 

2. Make a short note also for Chemistry by using different color code idea. 

3. Candidates should practice on numerical also. Don’t forget to do it seriously. Generally, questions are a direct application of the formulae, numerical are asked from the topics like solutions, chemical kinetics, and surface chemistry. If you do it well then you will gain the score high. 

4. Go through the sample papers and last 10 years question papers. It will help you to improve your accuracy. 

5. Always try to do sample papers and question paper practice in a time environment. 

6. Solve question paper provided by CBSE from the website. It will give you a better idea of a paper pattern. 

7. Finished your syllabus in a decided time period and revise all the things again and again. 

Weightage section: Here described weightage of each section for your reference. try to attempt a higher weightage section on first priority. It should be like Organic Chemistry Carrie 28 Marks, Physical Chemistry which is 23 marks and Inorganic Chemistry 19 marks. either you can do it as per your convenient method.

Chemistry Syllabus  2020-21


  • Solid State
  • Solutions
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Surface Chemistry    


  • General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
  • p -Block Elements
  • d -and f -Block Elements
  • Coordination Compounds                                                 


  • Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  • Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
  • Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
  • Amines
  • Biomolecules
  • Polymers
  • Chemistry in Everyday Life
Chemistry Practical Syllabus & Marks details
  • Volumetric Analysis                        Marks [08]
  • Salt Analysis                                  Marks [08]
  • Content-Based Experiment            Marks [06]
  • Project Work                                  Marks [04]
  • Class record and viva                    Marks [04]


Mathematics is one of unlike subject for some students, due to a large number of formulas and lots of logical thinking approaches. But If you decide to do it well, then definitely you will achieve more than 90 or 95 marks in mathematics. Mathematics is a subject that is required for regular practice to perform well. You have to practice on every topic every day for 1 hour in your daily schedule. Decide one particular time slot in your study plan for the 12th board For mathematics, subject candidates are advised to study from the NCERT textbook in deep level better understanding. So never forget the NCERT textbook. 

1. Make a syllabus note from the CBSE 12th class of Mathematics and list out every topic and their concepts. 

2. Every candidate must know the syllabus & the weightage of marks which is related to the section. 

3. You have to know also how much time required to finish each section. 

4. You have to go through NCERT Mathematics textbooks thoroughly. Try to understand concepts from all the topics. 

5. Make a short note of important points or formulae. 

6. You have to note all the theorems, methodologies, and formulae involved in each chapter. It will help you to understand it easily. 

7. Start solving previous year question papers and sample paper. 

8. Go through & understand different model problems. It is important to solve all the problems by yourself. 

9. If you are facing any difficulty during the problem solve, you can take help from your mentor or Faculty for the same. 

10. Give your inputs during the paper practice by implementing formulas. Don’t try to finish it by short cutes. 

11. Don’t try to learn like rote learning. Understand all the formulae and try to understand the concepts behind them. 

12. As we already discussed try to solve many questions in Mathematics and try to solve different types of problems as much you can. 

13. Solve atleast past 10 years question papers for maths practice. It will give you different types of problems. Different types of problems will discover your mindset and it will help to improve your logical thinking process. 

14. Make a list of problems or questions, which difficult to solve for you and take help from your mentors or faculty to resolve it. If your command on a particular topic is very strong, don’t forget to do regular practice on it. otherwise, you may forget the concepts.

Mathematics Syllabus 2020-21 

Relations and Functions          Marks [8] 
Algebra                                    Marks [10] 
Calculus                                   Marks [35] 
Vectors and Three – Dimensional Geometry Marks [14] 
Linear Programming                Marks [5]
Probability                                Marks [8]



Biology is one of the best scoring subjects in the board examination. It is a very crucial subject for medical aspirant candidates. Biology has a vast syllabus. That’s the reason it is a very difficult task for the candidates to complete on the time. whenever will you seat to make a study plan for 12th boards, then keep in your mind that BIOLOGY is the scoring subject. You have to properly plan to complete the entire syllabus on time and revised it in a proper way. 

 Biology Syllabus 2020-21


Genetics and Evolution Marks [18] 

Biology and Human Welfare Marks [14] 

Biotechnology and its Applications Marks [10] 

Ecology and Environment Marks [14] 

1. Every Biology aspirant has to know the syllabus. 

2. Strongly advisable to follow NCERT Textbook for Biology. 

3. Students take help from the reference book to improve the level of difficulties. It will help to prepare well for the examination. 

4. You can take help from reference books like Pradeep’s A Text Book of Biology class 12 by P.S. Dhami, S.Chand’s Biology for class XII by B.P. Pandey, Trueman’s Elementary Biology for Class 12 and NEET by K.N. Bhatia and M.P. Tyagi, etc. 

5. Solve last year's question papers and sample papers from the CBSE website to constantly analyze your skill. 

6. Solve the last 10 years question paper. It will help to identify important topics and types of asking questions. 

7. Make Important questions from important every topic. 

8. Attempt sample papers/practice papers to identify trends and your weak areas. 

9. Go through the previous 10 years' questions they are really helpful. 

10. Due to the vast syllabus, start preparation as soon as possible. 

In the examination, your answer should be pretty in terms of clarity. Do not make spelling mistakes. Examiner does not have much time to check your answer sheet, highlight the important points, and underline.

[E] - English


English is the last topic but not least. Again we have to know the syllabus first for the same.

There will be three sections of the paper.

A: Comprehension (Reading Section)

B: Writing Skills (Writing & Grammar Part)

C: Literature, Textbooks, and Supplementary

 Write a word or sentence according to marks allotted to the question requirement.

  1. Write the answer to the point and highlight or underline important points.
  2. Don’t try to write lengthy answers without requirements.
  3. Make sure your answer should be based on grammar format. It should be free of spell mistakes.
  4. Read the question paper before starting.
  5. If you are writing the answer for passage, read the question carefully, and read the passage to make an answer.
  6. Don’t use a common or simple word to answer, try to make an answer interesting by using the related word to the question requirement or related to question only.
  7. Write the answer to the point and clearly don’t mix-up with the other topic.
  8. Check your answer sheet once you complete it.

Important Tips and Tricks - Part 2

step by step
Step by Step

Plan or Management

Everyone is a good manager of your own life. You have to make the best plant to achieve your goal. Try to make a study plan for the 12th board according to your convenience. Start to make it be a positive way. Make a plan according to your convenient time and availability. When your plan will be ready, just show it to your mentor. They will correct if any correction required. Now after finalized your plan strictly follow it without any excuse. 

You need to be a super positive 

When you start any work with a positive thought and do it daily with that way than definitely you will achieve your goal. So don’t panic if you have any difficulty and stay positive till the end. 

Make Short notes 

A short note is an easy way to make study smarter. You have to work on it one or two times only. When you are studying then make sure to carry a small note pad to note down important points, definition, questions, or your queries, etc. Highlight all the points with different color codes by using coloring highlighters. Color code will help to remember your points. include this pint also in your study plan for 12th Boards. 

Make a short note also difficult questions or unsolved questions, which are not done by you. Take help with your faculties or mentor to resolve your queries. 

Importance of Syllabus 

If you are really very sincere with your study then you should know your exam syllabus. Without the syllabus, it is very difficult to achieve your target. You have to familiar with your syllabus. So whenever you make a study plan for the 12th board make sure your syllabus must be included in your plan.

Important Topics 

To boost your score you have to work on important topics. It will help a lot to gain marks as well as to gain your confidence.

Solve Practice Paper 

Try maximum to solve previous year question paper and sample papers to increase your accuracy, written speed, time management skill, and reduce your silly mistakes. Get familiar with the paper pattern with maximum practice. Solve atleast question papers as per bellow: 

Physics: Solve atleast past 5 years question paper and sample papers. 

Chemistry: Solve atleast past 3 to 4 years of question papers and sample papers. 

Maths: Solve atleast past 10 years question papers and sample papers. 

Biology: Solve atleast 10 year question paper and sample papers. 

English: Solve atleast past 3 years question papers.


Include revision in your study plant for 12th board planning. Revision is most important for your study part. Make a habit to revise each and every topic after the competition of your study. Revise your short notes atleast thrice in a week that are already made by you during the study.

Take care of your health

As we know, our health the most important part of our life. Take care of your health by eating healthy food, and do some exercise for healthy fitness. 

The day before the exam 

  • Take a small carry bag to keep your admit card other stationery to use for examination. 
  • Conform distance of your exam center from your home and take an idea of how much far from your home. According to reach the exam center. 
  • Check the admit card or examination rules for the dress code. 
  • Don’t take any kind of stress. 
  • Take stress less sleep for a fresh morning. 
  • Don’t eat any harmful food. Have plenty of water and light food, to prevent stomach upset on the day of the exam.

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