How to study for NEET

How to study for NEET

Every NEET 2020 aspirant candidates have a question “How to study for Neet?” Candidates must have to qualify to take admission in MBBS / BDS and other undergraduate medical courses in approved/recognized Medical/Dental & Other Colleges/Institutes in India. There is a huge competition to rank in the NEET examination.

Approx 16 lakhs candidates registered every year for the NEET examination. So that’s the reason candidates search for the best way to crack the NEET examination. Here some tips and tricks are given for you for NEET 2020 Preparation. 


Above all the Questions will be cover in tips and tricks. I try to explain all the points to guide you for your better performance. All should you know NEET Syllabus All the NEET aspirants candidates should start preparation with full concentration and presence of mind.


Tips for studying on the First 45 Days:


We all know the Biology subject is scoring subject in the NEET examination. 85% to 90% question covers from the NCERT textbook for Biology. So Starts with Biology subject. Divide it into two parts. Zoology and Botany. 

Start from the NCERT textbook and read it thoroughly. Mark important lines with a highlighter and make a question on it. Note down that question on your short notes. Your short notes must be neat and readable for you to understand when you will seat to revised. It must be readable and understandable for you. 

You have to focused on NCERT textbook material. Don’t try to read too much material at the last movement. Forget the other material. Read Biology textbook as your life book. Read the NCERT textbook thoroughly and try to understand all the points. Make a short note on important points.
Short Note
Short Note


For chemistry subject its also advisable for the NCERT textbook. You can divide it into 3 parts. 

- Physical Chemistry 

- Inorganic Chemistry 

- Organic Chemistry 

Physical Chemistry 

Read the NCERT textbook first. You have to make short notes formulas, Make a diagram and numeric and important points, and highlight it by using a deferent color code of highlighter. 

Inorganic Chemistry 

In this section, you need to work on memorable concepts. It is like Biology. You have to read NCERT Textbook thoroughly. Used color code method to remember it. 

Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry is the most important part of chemistry. You have to read the 12th and 11th class NCERT textbook in descending order. More focus on the 12th class syllabus and make a short as well for reactions formula and exceptions. Again highlight all the important points with different color codes to remember it.


This Subject is a bit difficult for some students but some for it was a piece of sweet cake. I believe is that Physics is the rank deciding subject. This subject is required more practice. You have to make a definition or formula in your short notes. If you are facing any difficulty ask your doubts to your respective faculty or mentors. They will help you to solve it. Read the NCERT textbook thoroughly or you can refer coaching material if you have. You have to do maximum practice on previous year question papers and Sample paper to increase your accuracy on the subject.

Maintain your Time Table

You are the best Manager of yourself. Once you finalized your time table according to the subject requirement, make sure you can give your inputs as you decided. Do not waste your time or any movement apart from your time table. Further, you can change or update the time table according to your subject requirement. But must follow your time table which is created by you. 


In the last days, you have to require maximum revision. Revised all subject short notes which are already created by you. Mark those points DONE or Start which is completely finished by you (no revision required). Mark those points also which are difficult to understand for you. You can ask difficult questions to your mentor or faculties. 

Start New Topics!

Don’t try to read new topics or even new books in the last movement. New topics will make you more confused. It will disturb your all planning and all the concepts which are already well done by you. It is better to do more practice on your weakest subject or read the NCERT textbook again. It will boost your confidence and accuracy. More revision and practice will help to gain marks also.


Make a suitable time to sleep according to you. At the time to sleep, don’t take the stress. Stress-less sleep will give a fresh morning. 

Healthy Food

It is the most important part of your life. Without a healthy life, it is difficult to attempt any exam. So be more careful also for your healthy life and eat always healthy food to live a healthy life.

Tips for the last 14 days

  1. Revised your all short notes turn by the turn which you have already created by you. Focus on all the important highlighted points. Try to keep in mind their color code. 
  2. Don’t read new reference books or new topics. Read NCERT textbooks. It will help to revise all the things. 
  3. Solve previous year question papers and sample papers as much as possible. 
  4. If possible to make a little big formula chart for Physics and Physical chemistry. 
  5. Maximum practice on pattern paper to build more confidence to attempt the paper in sequence i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Physics, Biology, Chemistry whatever is convenient for you. 

Tips for the day before the exam

  1. Make a carry bag or small bag to carry your ID Card and stationery. 
  2. Check your admit card and read all the instructions given on it or refer to NEET exam instructions from the official website. 
  3. Have a good night sleep. Good night sleep will give you a fresh morning tomorrow, and a fresh morning will give you a fresh mind with confidence. 
  4. Check your dress code for NEET instructions. 
  5. Have plenty of water light food to prevent stomach upset on the day of the exam. 
  6. Confirm your exam center. How it is far from your home. Make the idea to reach there on time. 

All the points will help you to achieve your dream. Think positive and believe in yourself.

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