JEE Advanced 2020 Preparation Tips

JEE Advanced 2020 Preparation Tips

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JEE Advanced 2020 examination is not much tough for some students but it is tough for some of those students who cannot cop-up with their current class 12th CBSE or other relevant board examination. This situation happened due to the lake of mismanagement of academic preparation.

JEE Advanced 2020 Preparation Tips
JEE Advanced 2020 Preparation Tips

Now we will correct all the mistakes in remaining time with proper management. This time in the year 2020 we all are facing the pandemic issue. Almost examinations are postponed or canceled by the respective examinations. But we can take the benefits of postponed exam date for JEE Advance 2020. It will be

“Toppers Talk” will provide you several best important tips for your preparation for better performance in the JEE Advanced examination. Stay connected till the last line. Definitely, you will get the benefits from here

JEE Advanced 2020 Preparation Tips


Make the most effective planner for your exam preparation. Include all the important activities of your daily work. Include activities like, daily wakeup time, normal physical exercise like yoga, healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshment break or stretch your body, etc.

Day wise planner

Jee Advanced Planner

Make a day-wise planner to utilize each and every remaining movement for exam preparation.  Make sure you have to include a day-wise planner in your Planning. Include all the activities from the beginning of the day until to sleep at night.

Smart Break

Smart Break
Smart Break

First of all, we will discuss regarding smart break. After the long race, every person needs to take rest to achieve the next target. Same as here during the lockdown and postponed examination it is very difficult for some students to re-active for the new examination date. Now in this situation candidates have to take a small break for the rest for the mind refreshment and physical health. You can take a smart break for 2 or 3 days.

If you are already taken a break then ignore this point. But you did not take a smart break yet, then take is first. It is a very important step to reach your goal.

Hard Work

Hard work.jpg

Behind every success, there is always hard work responsible for that. Without hard work, you cannot reach your expected goal. If you are preparing for a competitive exam, you must ready to do hard work. There is no compromise that will be entertained to delay preparing for your examination.

Social Media

Avoid social media during the study time. Some of the students too much spending time on social media. Right now you need to focus on the only study. If you cannot control yourself to use Social media platforms, then we advise you to avoid using it during the study hours. It can be disturbed your study.

Postponing your preparation

Don’t compromise with your study preparation. Complete your task daily as per your academic planner. You should always be regular in your studies. Postponing your preparation will reduce your targeted marks for the examination. It will take you away from your desired goal. So make your habit to complete your daily task.

Command on the Subjects


Some of the students cannot perform excellently in all the subjects. If you one of them and not cop-up in all the subjects at the time. If you are weaker in one subject then, you should have to excellence command on atleast any 2 remaining subjects. Remaining two subjects will support to manage the score of your weaker subject. Did not mean to ignore your weaker subject. Atleast you should prepare yourself for the weaker subject to achieve above the average performance in the examination. Then you could depend on the other two subjects.

Read the NCERT

From the beginning of this word, I hope you got the idea of what we will go to discuss at this point with you. Right now you don’t have enough time to read more reference books, in the short time period it is advised you to read-only NCERT books. Read the NCERT books thoroughly and try to understand all the concepts of the topic. Cover maximum topics as much you can. Try to cover each and every topic of all subjects.

JEE Advanced 2020 Syllabus

The pillar of the examination, without the syllabus you cannot perform well in the examination. Every JEE Advanced 2020 aspirant must know the syllabus for better performance. Go through the entire update syllabus, and judge yourself, how much time you have required to complete it. you can segregate syllabus subject wise or topics wise for your convenience. Identify important topics with the help of the syllabus.

Important Topics for JEE Advanced

If you are planning for this examination, then you should segregate the important topics for JEE Advanced examination from the entire subject for preparation. Identify all the important topics and plan to work out on it.

How to find out an Important Topics for JEE Advanced?

  • You can check past year question papers of the JEE Advanced examination.
  • Ask your faculty or mentors for important topics.
  • Watch the toppers talk videos and get the idea.
  • You can ask your seniors also for important topics.

Important Topics for JEE Advanced 2020




Conservation Laws

Chemical kinetics

Differential and Integral Calculus

Laws of Motion


Complex Number


General Organic Chemistry

Quadratic Equation

Power and Energy

Periodicity of Elements

Conic Section


 Chemical Bonding

Permutation and Combination

Electromagnetic Induction



Rotation Motion


Vectors and 3D

Heat and Thermodynamics






Nuclear Physics






Reference book

You can refer to some of the top books for IIT JEEbut when if you have enough time to read it. So in this situation, I will not recommend you to go with a new reference book. Go through only those books which were already completed or going to complete by you. If till the time you did not refer any other book then forget it and just go through the only NCERT book. Read it thoroughly and try to understand all the concepts as we discussed above. A new reference book can disturb your mindset. In this situation, your mindset must be stable until the end of the examination.

Previous Year Question papers

The most important part of your study preparation is to solve previous year question papers. Do maximum practice by solving previous year question papers. Here you can check the previous 14years JEE Advanced previous year question paper for your reference. Your 50% preparation task will be complete here if you solved a maximum number of question papers and mock tests.


The practice is very important for every examination or any work to perform well. You should include practice work in your daily time table schedule. Without the practice you cannot judge your preparation level, you cannot find out your silly mistakes, you cannot get an idea for important questions, you cannot exam pattern, you cannot judge the level of the paper, etc.

You can improve your accuracy through the practices. Do maximum practice of your difficult subject to improve it. With the help of practice, you can reduce your silly mistakes. You can improve the time management skill to attempt papers.



Make your habit to analyze your answer sheet when you complete each and every question paper. It will help to judge your preparation level as well as It will help to find out your silly mistakes. Note down your silly mistakes and highlight your wrong answers by red high lighter.

Doubt notes

When you are going to seat for study, make sure you have a doubt note to note down your all doubts. Write down each and every doubt which you are facing difficulties during the study.

Make a doubt note systematic in subject wise. It is very important to note down it. If you are facing doubt, it means you are really studying.

Ask your doubts

Ask your doubts
Ask your doubts

Asking your doubts are a part of your success. If you have any doubts about your subject, then take the help of your teacher or mentor and resolve it as soon as possible. Don’t mixed-up your doubts. If you don’t clear your first doubt then you may face difficulties to understand the next concept of the topic.

Don’t hesitate to ask doubts about your teacher or mentor. Maximum doubt asking will help to build your concept stronger. So don’t forget to do this practice.


In the last month's preparation, you have to focus on only two major parts, It is (1) Revision and (2) Practice previous year question papers.

The best part of the exam preparation tips is the revision part. You have to revise all the doubt notes, short notes, important topics, diagrams, formule, NCERT Textbooks, etc. no requirement to read new other things like a new reference book or a new method of question answer. Just revise all these things which you have already done.

Here “Toppers Talk” gives you the best JEE Advanced 2020 Preparation Tips for your excellent performance in a short time. We hope you got all the important tips to prepare yourself to achieve your desired goal.

If you have any queries related to this topic, then you can draft the message in the below message box. “Toppers Talk” will get back to you soon.

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