How to prepare for KVPY 2020

How to prepare for KVPY 2020

Best Preparation Tips for KVPY SA, KVPY SB, or KVPY SX

Kishor Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVYP) is the most prestigious examination in India. It is organized by the department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The main objective of this examination to promote students in the pure Science and Technology area. Qualified and eligible students will get the scholarship according to the scholarship criteria of KVPY.


The KVPY examination will be held on 31st January 2021 this year and there will be NO INTERVIEW part will be cover for this year.

Benefits of KVPY examination

KVPY Scholarship

The qualified or eligible students will get the monthly KVPY fellowship. The students will reward from 1st to 3rd years of - B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math. / Integrated M.Sc. /M.S. at Rs. 5,000/- per month, Annual Contingency Grant at Rs. 20,000/-

The Students of M. Sc. / 4th to 5th years of Integrated M.Sc. /M.S./M.Math./M.Stat. Will reward at Rs. 7,000/- monthly, Annual Contingency Grant at Rs. 28,000/-

Admission into Top Level Institute for Research

The most beneficial part of this examination that is the student can take the admission into the best top-level research institutes like the IISc Bangalore and IISERs Pune. It is easy to take admission through KVPY as compare to JEE Advanced in IISc Bangalore, IISERs Pune, and students also take admission into IIIT Hyderabad. IIIT Hyderabad is also a well-known institute in Computer Science.

JEE or NEET Benefits

If you are JEE or NEET aspirant student then it is a bit easy to crack the KVPY exam. Because the preparation of the KVPY exam almost similar to your JEE or NEET syllabus.

But keep in mind the KVPY exam level is a bit higher than JEE or NEET. KVPY has no prescribed syllabus. You have to prepare according to your stream i.e. SA/SX/SB.

National Scholar Tag

A KVPY scholar is allowed for free entry into all National libraries in the country. You will be able to attend all the science camps. Qualified students will consider as a scholar student if you qualified for the KVPY exam.


The students who are qualified for the KVPY exam those will get the opportunity to do project work, under the guidance of experienced scientists. This kind of exam participation has encouraged your knowledge and builds more confidence to perform better in the science field.

VIJYOSHI CAMP (National Science Camp)

It is early National Science Camp which is organized by Kishor Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana. All the KVPY Fellow scholars, researchers, and Scientists. This is one of the best great opportunity which is only availed for the KVPY fellow students.

Toppers Video for KVPY

How to Prepare for KVPY 2020

Here we are sharing with you some strategies and tips to crack the KVPY examination. We hope it will help you to boost your rank better.

First of all understand the stream of the KVPY examination.

  • KVPY SA – conducted for class 11th Appearing students
  • KVPY SX - conducted for class 12th Appearing students
  • KVPY SB  - conducted for  Science students those who are studying in the first year of B. Sc, B.S., Integrated 5 Year MSc or Integrated 5 year MS prograammes.

KVPY Exam pattern for SA / SX/ SB

KVPY SA Exam Pattern

1.    KVPY exam for SA stream will be held on 31st January 20201.

2.    Exam timings will be for SA stream i.e. from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm.

3.    Total exam duration hours 3.

4.    There will be total of 2 sections in SA stream

a.    Section 1 – 60 Questions

b.    Sections 2 – 20 Questions

5.    Each question carries 1 mark awarded in section 1 for the right answer.

6.    There will be Negative marking for each wrong answer 0.25 marks.

7.    Each question carries 2 marks awarded in section 2 for the right answer.

8.    There will be Negative marking for each wrong answer 0.5 marks.

9.       All the Questions are compulsory to be attempted.

10. The total number of Marks of SA stream will be 100.


1.    The KVPY SX / SB Stream Exam will be held on 31st January 2021.

2.    The exam duration i.e. from 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm.

3.    The total number of exam duration of 3 hours.

4.    The total number of questions (All section) 120 and the total number of marks 160.

Part 1 – 80 Questions.

Part 2 – 40 Questions.

5.    Part 1 each Question carries 1 mark and 0.25 mark negative marking.

6.    Part 2 each Question carries 2 marks and 0.5 marks negative marking.

7.    Attempt any three sections in Part 1 and any two sections in part 2

8.    The exam medium will be English / Hindi.

KVPY Exam Syllabus

We all know the KVPY has no prescribed syllabus. But we will share with you important topics which will help you to score higher in the KVPY exam on the basis of the past 10 years of paper analysis. The Important topics shared below in subject wise tips.

Previous Year KVPY Exam Question Papers

Year Question Paper Answer Key
2019 Question Paper - SA Answer Key - SA
Question Paper SX-SB Answer Key - SX-SB
2018 Question Paper - SA Answer Key - SA
Question Paper SX-SB Answer Key - SX-SB
2017 Question Paper - SA Answer Key - SA
Question Paper SX-SB Answer Key - SX-SB
2016 Question Paper - SA Answer Key - SA
Question Paper SX-SB Answer Key - SX-SB
2015 Question Paper - SA Answer Key - SA
Question Paper SX-SB Answer Key - SX-SB
2014 Question Paper - SA Answer Key - SA
Question Paper SX-SB Answer Key - SX-SB
2013 Question Paper - SA Answer Key - SA, SX, SB
Question Paper SX-SB -
2012 Question Paper - SA Answer Key - SA, SX, SB
Question Paper SX-SB -
2011 Question Paper - SA Answer Key - SA, SX, SB
Question Paper SX-SB -
2010 Question Paper - SA Part - A Answer Key - SA, SB, SX
Question Paper - SA Part - B Answer Key - SA Part - B
Question Paper SX-SB -
20019 Question paper - SA NA
Question Paper SX-SB NA

KVPY Preparation Books for Reference

Subject Book or Reference
Physics Fundamental of Physics
Concepts of Physics
Tata mc Graw Hill's Books by HC Verma
Chemistry NCERT Physical Chemistry & Organic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon
NCERT Chemistry Books of class 11th and 12th
Tata mc Graw Hill's Books by HC Verma
Mathematics A Das Guptha by R.D.Sharma
IIT Maths problem
Class 12th Mathematics
Biology NCERT Books
NCERT Exemplars
Biology of class 10th

KVPY 2020 Exam Highlights

Exam KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana)
Conducted by Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore(IISc, Bangalore)
Exam date 31st January 2021
Mode of Exam Online
Medium of Exam English / Hindi
Exam Timings SA Stream from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm
SX/SB Stream from 02:00 pm to 05:00 pm
Interview Session canceled for 2020

Subject wise Tips for KVPY SA Stream

Physics: Follow the 11th class syllabus thoroughly for your SA stream preparation. Keep in mind your current class syllabus will play a key role in your preparation. The following topics are important and frequently noticed in previous year question papers.

Important Topics

-  Mechanics, Ray Optics, Electromagnetism, Waves ( I assume Ray Optics & Electromagnetism are not in class 11th but the question asked from both topics in past years)

Chemistry: For Organic Chemistry and In Organic Chemistry, you have to more focused on class 10th NCERT book and refer the above-mentioned books will help you.

Important Topics

-       Atomic Structure

-       Chemical Bonding

-       Chemical Energetics

-       Stoichiometry and Gaseous State

Biology: For Biology the subject read the NCERT books thoroughly of class 10th & 11th and refer above mention books for further reference book if required. But the class of 10th and 11th NCERT books sufficient for best score.

Important Topics

-       Biomolecules

Subject wise Tips for KVPY SX / SB Stream

Physics: The KVPY SX / SB syllabus of class 11th and 12th is most important part. Make sure are thorough with the class 11th and 12th syllabus. Again if you are aspirants of JEE or NEET then your preparation part can be an easy KVPY examination.

Important topics for Physics:

-       Current Electricity

-       Electromagnetic Induction

-       Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current

-       Electrostatics

-       Energy and Power

-       Gravitation

-       Kinematics, Work

-       Laws of Motion

-       Magnetic Effects of Current

-       Physical World and Measurement

-       Reflection of Light

-       Refraction

-       Sources of Energy

-       Thermodynamics

Chemistry: For the chemistry subject you need to focus on above-given reference book or NCERT books of class 11th and 12th science that is sufficient for chemistry.

Important Topics for Chemistry

-       Basic Concepts of Chemistry

-       Carbon Compounds

-       Chemical Kinetics

-       Chemical Reactions

-       Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties.

-       Electrochemistry

-       Environmental Chemistry

-       Isolation of Elements

-       Metals and Nonmetals

-       Periodic Classification of Elements

-       Solid State

-       Surface Chemistry

-       Thermodynamics

Mathematics: Here for mathematics subject you need to work hard and maximum practice on previous year question papers of the KVPY exam. Now notes the bellow important topics which are important in the KVPY exam. You can refer to the above-mentioned reference book for more practice and advise you all to solve the maximum problem of JEE Mathematics.

Important Topics for Mathematics

-       Calculus

-       Coordinate Geometry

-       Geometry

-       Introduction to Trigonometry

-       Linear Programming

-       Mathematical Reasoning

-       Polynomials

-       Probability

-       Real Number

-       Relations and Functions

-       Statistics and Probability.

-       Statistics and Quadratic Equations

-       Surface Areas and Volumes

-       Trigonometric Functions

-       Vectors and 3D Geometry

Biology: For the Biology subject again advisable to prepare for the KVPY examination. Go through the class 11th and 12th NCERT Books and solve previous year KVPY Question papers.

Important Topics for Biology:

-       Human Physiology

-       Biology and Human Welfare

-       Control and Coordination in Animals and Plants

-       Ecology and Environment

-       Cell: Structure and Function

-       Genetics and Evolution

-       Life Processes

-       Plant Physiology

-       Diversity of Living Organisms

-       Reproduction.

Most Important Tips to Prepare for KVPY Examination

Get the well-organized planner: You have to make first of all a well-organized planner to prepare well KVPY examination. Without a planner, it is very difficult to achieve your goal. So make sure you have a well-organized planner before starting the preparation for the examination.

NCERT: Use the NCERT books as a primary key book and go through all the important topics. Read all the concepts of NCERT books thoroughly.

JEE or NEET: If you are already preparing for JEE Advanced or NEET examination then, it is easy for you to score higher in the KVPY examination. Because the examination syllabus is almost comparable with JEE and NEET. But the keep in your mind, KVPY exam is toughest then JEE or NEET.

IJSO: If you already gave IJSO examination in the past, then It will very helpful for you. Because the level of IJSO and syllabus of this examination also comparable with the level of KVPY exam. IJSO students almost finished the 11th and 12th class syllabus in their 10th class duration. So that the students can prepare easily for the KVPY examination.

Question Papers: Do the maximum practice of previous year KVPY exam papers. You will find out some important topics as well as repeated questions. You can also judge the level of examination. There are many benefits practices of previous year question papers. You can also practice from your JEE (Mathematics) or NEET (Bio) papers from your NEET preparation part.

Analysis: Always make a habit to analyze your question paper after practice. You can found many kinds of mistakes by analyzed your answer sheet. So without fail do not forget to do this 1 more practice to do an analysis of your answer sheet.

Ask your Questions: If you have any doubt related to your question or If you don’t understand, then ask your question to your teacher. Resolve your queries with the help of your teacher or mentor. Keep in your mind “Ask your Questions” it is your part of your study. So if you have any doubt or question then ask your subject relevant teacher or mentor.

Last but not least

“Hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard” - Tim Notke (basketball coach) 

Wish you all the best for your KVPY examination.

Best of Luck!

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