Study Timetable for Class 10 Student

Study Timetable for Class 10 Student

Rank Booster for Class 10th NCERT; Subject-wise Preparation Tips



Study Timetable for class 10 Students: The class 10th board examination is the most important exam in our academic journey. According to my opinion, it is the turning point in your academic life. I advise to my all dearest students those who are aspirants of 10th board exam, please do not ignore or take it light your board examination. You must be study sincerely.

Your all the future will depend on your 10th board exam performance. If your board exam result will good then you will be a / become a good Engineer, a good Doctor, a Good Teacher etc. Everything is possible but if you are sincere about your academic life or goal then you can do your best.

We are sharing with you some toppers tips and toppers time table for class 10, which was already followed by some toppers or currently following by toppers.  I hope it will help you a lot to boost your rank in top raw.

Check here CBSE 2021 Class 10 exams date sheet

Subject-wise Tips for Class 10th NCERT

Class 10th Science (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)


The most important and interesting subject in class 10th.  If you are planning to pursue the Science stream (JEE MainJEE AdvancedMedical) in class 11th then, you should more focused and more sincere for this subject. We all know there are major 3 divisions in science subjects. That’s Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Every board aspirant students have to understand the strategies of Science subject to memorize it. The science subject needs to focus on formulae, experiments and derivations. Students have to keep handy all the things. It is all are the basic requirement of science subjects.

Do not forget to attend or don’t miss Science laboratory classes. Utilize the science laboratory as much you can and complete or do maximum experiments according to your science theory. (Note: Do not try to do any experiment in the absence of your lab supervisor or your lab superior.)

The NCERT books are to be followed thoroughly by all the students. Read the NCERT books again and again to understand all the concepts in brief. Every single line of NCET books is important. It may be a question in your examination. All most 80% to 90% of the question comes from NCERT Books.

So all are my dearest students again I repeat you read the NCERT books thoroughly. Try to make a question from NCERT books by your-self. If you make a question by your-self then you will never forget the answer to that question.

Do the maximum practice on formulae. Because some of the science formulae required standard.

Physics: Physics is a fundamental subject. Almost the physics part covers by formulae and theorem. Now as we discussed above you should a maximum practice on formulae and get the grip on physics subject.

Chemistry: The maximum marks gaining part in science it is the chemistry part. But the dark side of the subject, it is required an in-depth study. You should work hard on formulae, reactions along name.

Make a chart for formulae with the name and past that chart paper at nearest to your study table wall. It will definitely help you to keep remember or memorize it.

Biology: This one is the lengthiest part of the science, but it is interesting also.  You need to memorize this subject by reading thoroughly.

Find out important topics from the previous year's question papers. You will also get some frequently repeated questions along with the important topics.

Make 1 more chart paper for the biology subject. You have to write down important points, diagrams and a short theory. The most important port to keep revised and revised (repeatedly) NCERT books for Biology subject. Sometimes examiners directly ask the questions from the NCERT books and it was already done in previous year papers. You can check it here.

class 10th Result 2020

Class 10th Mathematics


The Mathematics subject is the game of numbers. Around 90% of the part of the maths subject covers by numeric or formulae. The Central Board of Secondary Education majorly focused on trigonometry, Geometry and the concepts of the numeric in the class 10th board.

Basically maths subjects build-up the students for upcoming aptitude tests for national or international levels.

The first rule of mathematics “you should keep handy concepts/formulae”. You should know “how to use it?” and “where to use it?” So finally memorize the concepts/formulae.

Try to read the problem, again and again, to understand the exact idea of the question while solving problem-based questions.

Note down on rough paper exactly what I given in the question paper and what you need to find. Then in a methodical way, what is asked of you.

Calculate accurately in a given time span.

Be careful while doing the calculations.

Use sharp pencils and clear measuring scales for construction purposes.

Mention which theorem or properties you have used in solving sub-steps.

Solve previous year question papers to reduce silly mistakes and improve your presentation skill as well.

Class 10th Social Science


Always starts preparation or plant strategies according to the weightage of marks. Social Science is also a bit lengthy subject. But you can do better if you plan to do better.

Create a timeline of important dates.

Track important location and practice on map work.

Make a habit to answer the question in points. Do not explain question area; always keep word limits in your mind according to question marks weightage.

Map work should be neat and labeled clearly.

Class 10th English


The most important part of English is grammar. You should try to write the answer errorless. Your point may be deducted in the examination if your grammar will found incorrect format.

“Passage reading / read the passage and answer the following” is scoring part. Do not miss to complete it well. You can get the full marks in less effort. Just you need to read the passage carefully and answer it accordingly.

Maximum reading and writing practice can reduce your spell, grammar and presentation skill.

Make a habit to read thoroughly lessons and poems. Answer the questions as per the given instruction on the section. If your answer will be 200-350 words then extract it into 2-3 paragraphs.

You should aware of the pattern of the exam paper and the syllabus of the exam.

Solve previous year question papers and get the idea of important chapters as well as frequently asked questions.

Class 10th Hindi


The Hindi subject is also a scoring subject. Just you need to keep some important points in your mind while doing preparation.

Read all the chapters thoroughly.

Reduce grammar spell mistakes by solving previous year question papers.

Answer the question according to the required details only. Don’t put irrelevant details in the answer. For the rest, follow the instructions given in the question.

Special characters are very important in language subjects, so do not forget to use special characters whenever they required.

Make a habit to read newspapers and novels daily, you will find their current affairs and in general usage of words.

(videos source from the ALLEN  Career Institute)

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 2020 pdf with solutions

Daily Time Table for Class 10 Students

Time Particular Activity
05:30 AM Wake-up early at 05:20 AM and finish your daily refreshment activities.
06:30 AM Early morning time is the best time to memorize subjects. So starts with the theory subjects.
08:30 AM Take a healthy breakfast (Healthy breakfast will help you to keep healthy).
09:00 AM Revised lesson what you read till the time in the morning a write a short on those topics. These short notes will help you to keep remember while you re-start study for that particular subject.
09:45 AM Now relax for 15 minutes, before taking a new subject.
10:00 AM Take a new (calculative) subject like Mathematics or Physics.
12:30 PM Take a break and have your lunch.
01:30 PM Give maximum time to maximum practice required subjects, like Mathematics. (change the subjects alternate day).
04:00 PM Take a smart break with coffee and Snacks.
04:30 PM Collect your academics problems or queries into doubt notes, and ask your teacher or mentor. (It is a very important part of your study).
05:00 PM Give your time to your faculty and ask your queries as you noted-down in your doubt notes.
06:00 PM Summarize your today’s academics activities and check it out if something missing today in your study. (If you missed something then update it accordingly in your next day planner).
07:00 PM Now relax and play with your friends.
08:30 PM Take dinner.
09:00 PM Check your chart planner and revised the formulae, equations, important diagrams, and important points.
10:30 PM Go for Good Night Sleep.

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