10 Important Tips to Prepare for NTSE 2020-2021

10 Important Tips to Prepare for NTSE 2020-2021

10 Important Tips to Prepare for NTSE 2020-2021: National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national level scholarship exam conducted by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT). There are two stages.


Stage 1: State level examination

Stage 2: National level examination.

The main purpose of the examination is conducted to identify and recognize the intellectual student and help them get a scholarship. NTSE stage 1 held in November 2019 and Stage-2 Examination scheduled for May 10th, 2020 in all the States/UTs of the country has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new date will be intimated by respected State/UTs or NCERT center.

Strategies to Crack NTSE

1   Plan your goal

Make sure you are updated with the latest pattern of the NTSE syllabus. Update yourself with the latest strategies. Make a study plan with the Systematic way. Find out your strength and weakness. Work on both parts. Start to work on your weakest part of your study with a positive mindset. If you are facing any academic issue don’t waste your time, you can take the help of your respective mentor or teachers. 

2   NTSE Syllabus

Start your preparation from the 10th class NCERT curriculum. Most of the syllabus of NTSE will be covered from the NCERT books. It will very helpful for the students to crack the exam. You can cover topics from Mathematics, Science, Social Science, General Knowledge (GK), Mental Ability, and English.

3   Recommended books

    • A comprehensive Manual for NTSE for Class X (English) - Abhijit Guha, N.D. Arora, V. Sasikumar, Divya Johry, Majid Husain
    • MTG NTSE Explorer (2012-13 solved Papers ) MAT+SAT +ENGLISH Language Test Paperback– 2013 - Sonia Lal
    • National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) Guide for 10th Class: with Previous Papers (Solved) (Big Size): For Stage I and Stage II (Popular Master Guide) - RPH Editorial Board
    • Study Package for NTSE Class X (English) 1st and 2nd Edition *- McGraw Hill Education
    • NTSE Explorer: MAT + SAT + New English Language Test for class 10th (English) by Sonia Lal

4   Revised of your syllabus

A part of your study The revision part is very crucial. Whenever will you complete you a part of the syllabus, you need to revise it. It will help to remember which you read till time. It is better for you to keep revising your syllabus regularly and keep solving sample papers.

5   Test your abilities

The most important part is to check your abilities. After all the preparation makes a practice of mock tests, solve previous year papers, collect sample papers from the website there will be some previous paper you can find, download those papers and complete it with instructed time duration in the paper. Now you check your answer sheet and progress level. Work on your weakest part as well as the strongest parts of your progress report.

6   Max Practice

The practice is the key to success. Make a habit to max practice which you learn to date. Practice will help to find out your mistakes. You can improve your performance with max practice. It will help to boost your ability to complete your task to do at the time or before the time. Practice will always motivate you to achieve your goal. You can remember daily your goal during the practice of your study. The practice is the most prestigious key to success in every exam. If you are not good at something then practice it until you perfect it, and if you happen to be perfect at something then practice to maintain it.

7   Make question notes

During your study make a not with difficult questions. Make it in your habit. Try to make difficult questions by yourself. You should make a question bank of those difficult questions to practice it regularly. This practice will make you better understand and to know most of your common mistakes you will not repeat them in the examination.

8   Don’t panic

Don’t try to read much study material. It will disturb your study plan. Focus on the subject related/NTSE related study material as I guide you earlier (follow NCERT syllabus) and related books only. Don’t panic to choose a topic or subject or study material.

9   Ask your Question/doubts

Make it a habit to ask your doubt to some educated people who can guide you or help you to answer it. Whenever you study after some time you will definitely face doubts. If you are having doubts that means you are studying. You need to ask your doubts to your respective mentors. Because when will you resolve your current doubts it will help to understand the further steps of your topic.

10 Eat healthy food

In the time of the short preparation of any exam, students forget to care for him/her health. But remember your health is more important than your exam. So take your care first with healthy food and doing exercise daily. Take a rest and sleep daily 6-7 hours. You need to monitor yourself as well as your examination preparation.

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