Last minute Preparation Tips for NEET 2021

Last minute Preparation Tips for NEET 2021

Last minute Preparation Tips for NEET 2021:

Mostly all the students had experienced several competitive examinations in your academic journey. As human beings, before the examination, we all are feeling stress. Now you all the NEET aspirants’ students going to attempt most prestigious and most completive examination NEET 2021 and all of you already started panic and performance about your exam preparation.

For a long time, NEET 2020 aspirants students are excited to attempt and get the finished their examination with good performance. Here Toppers Talk has given you some important tips and gives you some advice to boost your NEET Preparation.


Last minute Preparation Tips for NEET 2021

Last minute Preparation Tips for NEET 2021

Question Papers

Practice the maximum number of previous year NEET exam papers to check your ability. It will help you a lot to rectify your silly mistakes, your time accuracy, paper attempting sequence, etc.

Self Analysis

After finishing each and every paper, you must do a self-analysis of your answer sheet. Please note down your analysis report in your short notes. Recheck your analysis report when you are asking your doubts to your mentor. Re-correct your all mistakes.


The most important and notable part during the study its “Revision”. Revised your all short notes, diagrams, formulae, important points those which are already prepared by you during the study. Try to maximum revised your all preparation especially biology. They come as one-liners. Do not try to read something new reference book. It's better to read 2-3 times 1 book, instead to read new 2 or 3 books.


The main pillar of the NEET preparation is NCERT books. You should prepare from the NCERT books, it will help you understand the basic concepts of the topics. Don’t try to read a new reference book in the last movement. It may disturb your whole preparation strategies and mindset.

Sequence of Paper

You must be very confident of the order in which you will attempt the paper in the examination i.e. P-C-B, B-C-P, C-P-B, etc. If you do daily practice on paper then you will judge your paper sequence.

Mentor / Faculty

Always stay connected with your Academic Mentor or Faculties. Make short notes when you are doing your answer sheet analysis. Note down all the doubts or mistakes which you did in the answer sheet during the paper practice. Don’t forget to ask your doubts it is very important to clear each and every doubt about your topics.

Healthy Food

Always eat healthy food for your healthy physic. Healthy physic will help to develop a healthy mindset. So remember always eat healthy food.

Tips for the day before the exam

Check your admit card and all the required stationery and keep it all at a safe place.

Check your examination center by physically visit and check it how it’s far from your residence. Leave your home on the day of examination accordingly to reach safely and on time.

Take a good night's sleep before the exam. It is very important; make a habit to sleep early at least one week before the examination.

Take light food and plenty of water to prevent stomach upset on the day of the examination.


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